Referring Physicians

When you refer your patient to NexGen Hyperbaric, you gain a specialized team dedicated to coordinated, collaborative care. Our hyperbaric medicine specialists work with you to develop an adjunct HBOT treatment plan designed to optimize your patient’s outcome.

Referral Requirements

When referring a patient for
hyperbaric oxygen therapy, physicians
must first order a chest X-ray to rule out
an untreated pneumothorax, which is
an absolute contraindication.

HBOT Indications

There are a number of approved
indications for hyperbaric oxygen
and these are typically covered
by insurance.

NexGen Hyperbaric staff will assist your
patients with securing insurance approval
prior to the start of treatment.

HBOT Off Label

Recent studies are demonstrating HBOT
shows promise as a treatment for a
number of conditions, including acute
injuries and neurological conditions

If you believe your patient could benefit
from HBOT for a condition undergoing
evaluation or in clinical trials, contact us
to discuss treatment options.

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Questions about how to refer your patients so they can benefit from hyperbaric
oxygen therapy treatment at a NexGen Hyperbaric clinic? Contact us today.

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