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Infections occur when pathogens penetrate your body through the air, bodily fluids, or skin. Although mild infections typically heal without requiring medications, severe infections are incredibly dangerous and sometimes fatal. Fortunately, our NexGen Hyperbaric medical professionals offer cutting-edge hyperbaric oxygen therapy for infections that can help you recover and speed up the healing process.

How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treat Infections?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen within your blood vessels to help you eliminate infections and heal your wounds.

The NexGen team pumps pure oxygen into a hyperbaric chamber that you occupy while slowly increasing its internal air pressure. The process enhances your blood vessels’ oxygen levels, eliminating bacteria, reproducing more efficiently, and reducing swelling. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for infection is a safe, non-invasive way to overcome infections and improve wound healing.

Types of Infections Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treats

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treats several infections while improving your overall health. Below are some of the infection types NexGen Hyperbaric’s oxygen therapy treats.

Necrotizing Infections

Necrotizing infections are rare yet severe bacterial infections that kill tissue and hinder blood flow to the affected region. They become life-threatening once the bacteria enter the bloodstream, spreading the infection throughout the body while causing fever, weakness, and vomiting.


Osteomyelitis is a bone infection commonly caused by staphylococcus bacteria. These infections reduce bone tissue and weaken blood circulation, causing swelling, excess pain, and warm sensations around the infected area.

Staph Infections

Staph infections occur when staphylococcus bacteria contaminate the bloodstream, bones, heart, lungs, or joints. Although staph infections are common, they require immediate attention and can cause several other health issues.

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How Can HBOT Help You?

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