Premier Hyperbaric Medicine Clinic

NexGen Hyperbaric clinics provide state of the art Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments for a full range of medical conditions in UHMS accredited facilities nationwide.

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Recovery for Athletes

HBOT is a proven therapeutic treatment for a number of FDA approved conditions. It is also showing incredible promise in clinical trials for a range of other conditions, from soft tissue sports injuries to neurological trauma.

Sports Injury

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Acute Injury Recovery

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Traumatic Brain Injury

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Non Healing Wounds

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Post Op Complications

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Recovery for Real Life

NexGen makes HBOT therapy accessible to improve quality of life
for everyday people living with a wide range of conditions.

Trusted Treatments

Nexgen Hyperbaric specialized clinical staff provides safe,
reliable treatments for all FDA approved conditions.

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Cutting Edge HBOT

NexGen Hyperbaric offers advanced
access to treatments for conditions
demonstrating successful patient
outcomes in clinical trials.

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