About NexGen Hyperbaric

Making a Difference Everyday

NexGen Hyperbaric is a premier provider of evidence-based hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which is recognized as a proven adjunct treatment modality for a wide range of conditions.

Launched in 2008, our clinical healthcare and operations management organization has two successful business units. NexGen Hyperbaric provides outpatient care in standalone hyperbaric clinics as well as mobile treatment clinics. The Center for Wound Healing primarily provides hospital based care in on-site clinics.

Philadelphia Eagles Using Mobile Hyperbaric Chamber For Injury Recovery


Next Generation of Care

As we witnessed the success of positive outcomes for approved treatments in traditional hospital settings, we wondered how we could do more to help patients in need. The research landscape is rich with healing potential, as study after study finds great promise in hyperbaric oxygen for numerous conditions. 

NexGen Hyperbaric was launched to bring the advanced potential of hyperbaric oxygen out of hospitals. We wanted to make the new treatment options accessible to people whose quality of life can benefit as soon as the emerging science supports it.


Active Community Support

In addition to serving a wide range of athletes as a routine part of being a leading provider of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, we are also actively engaged in supporting elite athletes competing in world-class events in our own hometown.



Undersea Hyperbaric & Medical Society (UHMS) Accreditation is the gold standard in hyperbaric facility accreditation. It means that rigorous evaluations of our facilities, equipment, staff and training determined we are meeting the highest standards of patient care and operational safety industry wide.

Our facilities have the distinction of receiving UHMS accreditation, and our commitment to our patients is that every NexGen clinic we launch will meet the same rigorous criteria and receive this distinction.

Advancing Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care with Clinical Excellence

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