Traditional HBOT Treatments for Diabetic Wound Care

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Minor scratches, blisters, and cuts might seem trivial to some, but they quickly become significant wounds for people with diabetes. The condition adversely affects wound healing and makes it difficult to recover from even the mildest injuries. However, at NexGen Hyperbaric, we offer innovative diabetic wound treatment through traditional HBOT therapy that can accelerate recovery and prevent dangerous complications.

NexGen Hyperbaric’s diabetic wound treatments utilize effective hyperbaric oxygen therapy to increase oxygen within blood vessels to help you heal from wounds. It’s an alternative approach to wound care and can protect your wounds from infections while speeding up recovery times.

Why Do Diabetic Wounds Take Longer to Heal?

Diabetes throws off blood glucose levels and significantly hinders white blood cell operations. The reduced functionality prevents white blood cells from fighting off bacteria, increasing the chances of infection. Wound infections are exceedingly severe and can lead to amputations if the patient doesn’t take swift action.

Wounds like diabetic foot ulcers are incredibly dangerous and prone to severe infections. In fact, diabetic foot ulcers cause 85% of diabetic amputations. NexGen Hyperbaric’s diabetic wound care helps heal diabetic foot ulcers while making them less vulnerable to infections, allowing you to recover without issue.

How Diabetic Wound Treatments Work

Our diabetic wound treatment utilizes pure oxygen and atmospheric pressure to advance healing and fight infections. You sit in a chamber while our team pumps 100% oxygen into the space and gradually increases air pressure. This lowers your blood sugar levels, enabling you to recover from your wounds faster without experiencing infections.

After the process, we recommend avoiding walking to prevent pressure on the ulcer that might hinder recovery. Our team will provide an efficient post-treatment plan to further healing and prevent future issues.

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How Can HBOT Help You?

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