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Doctors use skin grafts and flaps to cover significant burns and wounds. However, skin grafts sometimes become compromised and don’t receive enough oxygen or blood flow, hindering the healing process. Fortunately, our team at NexGen Hyperbaric offers first-class hyperbaric oxygen therapy for skin graft care that can help you recover swiftly and efficiently.

Professional Compromised Skin Grafts & Flap Treatment

A skin graft is a piece of skin taken from another area of the body that covers severe wounds and burns. However, when these grafts and skin flaps become compromised, they can’t heal correctly, leaving you vulnerable to infections and other health issues. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) helps skin grafts heal by improving your blood vessels’ oxygen levels, accelerating recovery while enhancing the original blood supply.

Skin grafts and flaps need adequate blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to heal efficiently. Our hyperbaric oxygen treatments help your body create the oxygen and nutrients to recover from compromised skin flaps and grafts. The oxygen supplied from hyperbaric therapy improves white blood cell functionality, allowing them to fight infections, reduce swelling, and create more blood vessels, helping you heal from a compromised skin graft.

Our hyperbaric oxygen therapy for skin graft care utilizes 100% oxygen and elevated air pressure to naturally enhance your blood’s nutritional status. The process takes up to two hours and can help your wound bed heal without surgery or habit-forming medications. Our team has extensive experience with several hyperbaric oxygen treatments, ensuring you receive first-class care every time you utilize our services.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Skin Graft Care in Colorado

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How Can HBOT Help You?

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